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October 1, 2015

I need minions to keep my website current... why don't I have minions?

I have a new theatrical agent BRS/Gage ! My agent there is
Sarabeth Schedeen 323-857-6666

My Snickers ad is playing again for the 4th year in a row. YAY!!!
It is now a classic!



January 08, 2015

Well, clearly I am not good at keeping you all informed. I'll try to be better.
Happy New Year!.... a week ago.

For 2015 I have a new Commercial Agency! AKA Talent!

I have a new Theatrical Agent! Sovereign Talent Group!

I have a new Voice Over agent! Mike O'Dell at bbaTalent!

It's a new year. A new beginning. Let the excitement begin.

May 19, 2014

The countdown has begun to the premiere of NBC's Crossbones.
May 30th. NBC. 10:00 PM.

I play Oswald Eisengrim, pirate henchman to John Malkovich's Blackbeard. I will be appearing in 9 of 10 episodes. Quite the coup for me as I was originally only hired for 6 episodes. Thanks to all involved for deciding my character deserved to be seen more.

I've been putting lots of pictures and information on my Facebook Fan Page

So, now is the time people, and by people I mean Nielsen Families, to watch every second of the show and all the commercials. Thanking you in advance.

April 22, 2014

Six months in Puerto Rico and Crossbones is wrapped! NBC has announced it will begin to sail on May 30. Fridays at 10PM. Here's hoping it will be a huge success and sail on for many years. Please watch. Please tell all your friends. It was an amazing experience, Puerto Rico is a lovely island filled with wonderful, warm and welcoming people. John Malkovich is Blackbeard, a pirate like no pirate you've ever seen. Love him. Check out my Facebook page for pics and other news.

January 23, 2014

Well. This has been a busy few months! Flew to Puerto Rico, went through costuming, a little stunt training, a network physical, some sailing ship does and don'ts and

It is a hard hard life I'm living. Staying at an ocean side resort. Views of the Caribbean Sea. Playing 'Eisengrim' a wild card of an 18th century pirate. Working with amazing people, crew, actors, directors, writers... all wonderful people. Puerto Rico is a beautiful place, all orchids and coqui frogs and wonderful food. Came home in time for Christmas in Vegas, flew back to PR for a week, flew home, doing Hollywood parties, taking meetings and about to return to PR for another six weeks. Not bad. Not bad. Check out who is involved in "Crossbones" on IMDB here: http://tinyurl.com/kdbftso

Check out my tweets from the set. @EzraBuzzington clik the link in the left column.

October 23, 2013

Thrilled to report that I'll be getting that Puerto Rican vacation I've always felt I deserved for no good reason. I've just been cast in NBC's newest hour-long drama "CROSSBONES" in a major recurring role.  (http://www.nbc.com/crossbones/) The job will take me to Puerto Rico through Christmas (just in time for XinV - Christmas in Vegas!) and then flown back to Puerto Rico late January through Valentine's Day.

I get to work with my old buddy, director David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse, Hannibal). He and I worked on an industrial several years ago for Verizon and I've always wanted to work with him again.

"Crossbones" stars John Malkovitch as "Blackbeard" the Pirate and I get to play one of his Pirate Henchmen.

In other good news, Snickers has decided to bring the "Horseless Headsman" commercial I did last year back for this year's Halloween candy push. Friends are saying that they are seeing it everywhere... I've seen it a few times, appropriately enough on "Sleepy Hollow".

And my Toyota commercial is still playing in Europe! 
Its YouTube version has had over 2,500,000 hits! Check it out below.


July 1, 2013

ENLISTED has received a 13 episode pick-up from Fox. Not sure yet how many of those I'm gonna be on, but here's hoping it's lot of them. (Update: We couldn't reach a deal, so I'm only in the pilot, which I don't even know if they will air. Oh well, they're all nice people) (Update, Update, Series Cancelled RIP)

The run of Neil Gaiman's NEVERWHERE at Sacred Fools Theatre Company went incredibly well. (I did end up missing opening night due to shooting the pilot of Enlisted, though)

After NEVERWHERE closed the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL took over my life for the month of June. I saw over 50 productions and gave the "Ezra Buzzington's Spirit of the Fringe Award" for Best Production (The Devil and Billy Markhma), Best Writing (Nathan Wellman for Ryan is Lost), Best Actor (Brendan Hunt for Absolutely Filthy) and Best Actress (Leslie Murphy for Ryan is Lost). The Festival was a HUGE hit this year with the box office up over 40% from last year. The future of the theatre in the United States? Fringe Festivals. Mark my words. And, as "Father of the Fringe Movement" in the U.S., I know whereof I speaks!

Also in June, I shot three national commercial spots for Square Trade. It's the go to insurance for iPads, iPhones and other electronic devices. I play Moses. Yes, that Moses. Look for those to start airing any day now.


March 22, 2013

I have been cast in a Fox Pilot called Enlisted. It is currently shooting. It may prevent me from appearing opening night of Neverwhere... depends how long they need me on set... but who's going to complain about being in a pilot?

March 1, 2013

I have been cast in the stage version of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman to be presented at Sacred Fools Theatre in Los Angeles. It opens on April 5, 2013. I will be playing Mr. Croup, the worlds greatest assasin. So excited to be part of something that has such a huge following in the literary world.

December 1, 2012

I've been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest stars in the cinematic universe: George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Leondardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson and Jim Carrey to name only a few. But, there are certain Hollywood stars that leave me breathless and dumbstruck when I meet them. Faye Dunaway was one. When I met her at Sundance a few years ago, my body literally took over my being and within 30 seconds I was, I kid you not, bowing before her. Part of it was that I needed to see under her ginormous black hat, but my legs kind of gave way and it turned into a servant's bow. Odd moment, I'm sure she'd agree. Another was Clint Eastwood. I'd just been introduced to Leonard DiCaprio on the set of "J. Edgar" and was perfectly fine and professional but when a silence fell over the tiny Victorian room in which we were shooting and Clint Eastwood entered, my soul left my body completely. It skirted up to the furthest corner of the teeny room and stayed there until I'd shot out my scene. Certain stars are mythological to me. To all of us, really. And there are very few of the real ones left.

Jessica Lange is one.

Just shot a scene for "American Horror Story – Asylum".

I can now die happy.

Ms. Lange defines brilliant grace. Her every move is natural yet calculated. Her committment to character is thrilling to watch and she is transformational in her approach. At one point I'm sitting in my cast chair and she sits next to me in hers. I'm quietly running lines for a Pinter piece I'm doing and when I'm through she asks what I'm working on. Whoosh. There goes my soul again. Just like with Eastwood. How is it some schlub from Muncie, Indiana is now discussing one of the most prominent playwrights of the 20th Century with one of the best actresses of that same millinieum? Who the fuck am I?

Oh, wait, right.

I'm Ezra Fucking Buzzington, bitch.

Life is good at times like these and I send thanks and acknowledgement to the universe I helped create for just these precious moments in Time Mythological.

She smells real good, too.

Catch Episode #210 on December, 19th, 2012.

FX, baby.


October 1, 2012

My director buddy Keith Bearden (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1836963/) wrote me from France the other day saying that I must have achieved "global domination" because he was in a cinema in Paris and my pretty face came on the screen during a pre-screening Toyota blurb. Europe is all abuzz about the new spot that features me as an underground, black market dealer of "real" merchandise in a CGI world. Hey, I'm big outside America!

Click the image below to see the video

Snickers has quit scaring the poop out of me and started airing my Halloween spot as "The Horseless Headsman". Really hoping you all will go to YouTube, "like" the hell out of it and share it with all your Facebook buds and Tweet it like there's no tomorrow. Pretty funny stuff, really:

Click the image below to see the spot. 

July 28, 2012

Hey ya'll ! Check out my new reel !! CLICK HERE
Got to include a few things I should have included some time ago.
Thanks Donna Mathewson for the brilliant editing job (as usual)

Had a blast shooting a motion-capture TOYOTA spot for the UK.
It's fun being covered in dots and moving around like you know what you are doing.
The spot will be online at some point in the future, but I think it was shot to air during the Olympic (airing in the UK only)
It's an animated me playing a guy who runs an underground contraband warehouse. For a price I'll get you something "real" in this animated world. Needless to say, the "real" thing I sell to the hero of the piece is a snazzy new Toyota.
It was shot by award-winning director Adam Berg, and should be playing across the pond, right about now. Check out Mr. Berg's info: Click Here

The most difficult thing about the shoot was trying to eat a HUGE hamburger (which would be "real" in the shot) while wearing a football helmet contraption that featured a kind of retainer gizmo holding four teeny cameras pointing at my face. Trying to shove a sloppy burger into my gaping maw while avoiding the camera/retainer device was challenging.

Also was lucky enough to work with the wonderful director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) on a Halloween-themed commercial for SNICKERS. Check out Mr. Gillespie's Wiki page here: Click Here

I can't say much about it yet, but it looks hilarious and involves some green screen captures of my heavily made-up face. (Props to Scott Stoddard and all at Legacy EFX!) Dunno if you'll recognize me or not, but you sure won't miss me.

Have a great summer, everybody!

I'm going to Mexico.


February 26, 2012

Congratulations to THE ARTIST !!!!

I am so very happy that The Artist won Best Picture and Michel won Best Director and Jean won Best Actor.

It is a great film and they are great people. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with them, and so excited to have had a part in an Oscar winning movie.

Thank you to Heidi Levitt for casting me in it.

It also won Best Music and Best Costumes.

Tonight is a great night.

January 31, 2012

Thrilled and excited to report that the brilliant team at FX's hit series 
"Justified" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1489428/) saw fit to create a 
recurring role for me.

Harvey Jones is the County Clerk in Harlan, Tennessee and he's on the take, 
baby. I shot two episodes this month and there's hope he'll return for next 
season. Cross your fingers, your toes, your eyes and heart that ol' Harvey will 

In fact, why not start a letter-writing campaign? Yeah. Do that.

Send it to:

Woodridge Productions, Inc.
25135 Anza Drive
Stage 6
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Don't tell them I sent you.
And wait till after my episode has aired!
Seem kinda obvious if dozens of fan letters arrived before I premiered.

The shoot was a dream. It's definitely an actor's set. Probably helps
that Timothy Olyphant is one of the Producers. Sometimes people listen to 
actors on the set and other times they only listen to the stars. It was 
clear from the outset that this group of people not only listen to the 
actors, but actually allow their input. The script changes a lot during 
filming. Or, at least, ours did. It's like they know and respect the 
actors' process and realize that we can shed light on things previously 

Both of my directors (Tony Goldwin - 
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001282/ and Gwyneth Horder-Payton - 
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0394586/) were ready, willing and able to go 
whichever direction I chose for Harvey.

I'd love to spill the beans about the scenes themselves and what happens, 
but, obviously, I can't do that. So watch all of "Justified" (Tuesdays at 
10pm on FX) to catch me. (But be sure especially NOT to miss the episodes 
called "Loose Ends" - episode #309 and "Guy Walks Into A Bar" - 
episode #310)!

And remember, write the producers after the first one airs!
Maybe, I'll become a regular!

In other news, "The Artist" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1655442/) is 
continuing to kick the awards-season's ass!

Michel Hazanavicius (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0371890/),
Berenice Bejo (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0067367/) and
Jean Dujardin (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0067367/) 
are cleaning up! It's so great, too, when you consider that absolutely 
nobody thought this film would go the distance like this. Anyone other 
than, perhaps, the genius that is Harvey Weinstein (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005544/). Man, that guy knows what 
the holy crap he's doing!

Here's hoping The Artist goes all the way!
It's looking really, really good.

Again, keep your fingers, toes, eyes and heart crossed for all this 
potentially good news!

Thanks for reading.
Now, go back to watching my movies!

January 2, 2012

Really happy to see THE ARTIST getting so much positive attention. I've 
done over 40 films now and this is the first one that's engendered so many 
comments. I've gotten dozens of emails and Facebook postings saying 
A) how much they loved the film and B) how much they enjoyed my performance
in it. 

The premiere was a blast. I took my good buddy Lisa Hamil to what I thought 
was just a general cast/crew screening but it turned out to be the actual 
premiere. Harvey Weinstein was there and he told a funny story about how 
when he first bought the film after a private viewing for "X million 
dollars" his brother Bob was, to say the least, a bit reticent.

"You paid how much for it?"
"X million."
"And it's in black and white?"
"And it's a silent film?"
"I don't know, Harvey. I think we have to pass this by the Board."
"I didn't even know we HAD a Board of Directors!"

Needless to say, Harvey's instincts did not let him down. Again.
Very lucky to be attached to such a brilliant piece. And nobody knew 
(other than Harvey Weinstein, perhaps) that this little film would do so 

Shooting it was a dream. Hardly anybody in charge spoke any English and 
Berenice and I played out our scene improvising in two different languages. 
She told me at the premiere that our scene was actually the first scene with 
dialogue that she shot and she wanted me to know that I'd made it so much 
fun for her and that she was grateful. Sure, Ms. Bejo. YOU'RE grateful. 
I'm the one that got to sit there and play off your beautiful face for two 
hours! With James Conroy and Jean Dujardin behind you. And you're 
Really hope it takes the Oscar.

Since I clearly won't be winning anything for my disappearance in "J. 

December 2011

This happened. :)

For "Breath of Hate"

November 27, 2011

The day after Thanksgiving and "The Artist" is open.

I have a small but memorable part that has generated more emails from my friends than any other part I've ever had.

So far the film has gotten good reviews and even some whispers of Oscar nominations.

Go see it. Enjoy.


















































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