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“The only reason to even consider seeing this movie is Ezra Buzzington’s appearance as Don’s violent and bitter wheelchair-bound neighbour.”
Dread Central – New Terminal Hotel

“...one performance really digs into the exploitation cat-box, namely Ezra Buzzington as sex-murderer John Hopper. Buzzington's on the edge job, not to mention his psychotic appearance, make Hopper one of the creepiest, nastiest horror villains to hit DVD in a
long time.” -
DVD Talk.com – Someone's Knocking at the Door

“Buzzington once again proves himself a formidable screen presence with his memorable villain...”
Dread Central – Breath of Hate

“Ezra Buzzington is a brilliant name for Furtney to have brought on board for New Terminal Hotel, and in typical Buzzington style he plays Spitz with all the aggression and unadulterated hatred of a Westboro Baptist champion outside an abortion clinic.” -
Trepid Nation – New Terminal Hotel

“Breath of Hate starring the ever brilliant Ezra Buzzington sees an escort wind up working for three mental patients on her last job before she bows out of the valiant profession.” -
TrepidNation – Breath of Hate

“Like a modern day Boris Karloff, Ezra Buzzington is going from strength to strength. Here he puts on yet another fantastic performance as the villain of the piece...” -
Trepid Nation – Breath of Hate

“Ezra Buzzington as Hate is completely terrifying with his calculating affectation and sinister Southern drawl. He is one of those men you always want to stay on the good side of – but even
that good side could still get you in a lot of trouble.” -
Scare Sarah: – Breath of Hate

“Breath of Hate (is) buoyed (by) the savage charisma of character-villian Ezra Buzzington...”
Twitch Film: – Breath of Hate

And Ezra Buzzington, in his turn as the harried Juliette, the kingdom's sole remaining factotum, brings down the house with his simple line, 'I polish the parquet floors' - brilliantly effective internalization, and not bad timing either."
LA Times: Exit The King - at Actor's Gang, Hollywood.

"Ezra Buzzington is brilliant as Juliette, the all-purpose servant who stands in for the downtrodden of society - the "little people" who are used, abused, and generally ignored by its movers and shakers."
Backstage West: Exit The King

"Ezra Buzzington's droll turn as Juliette the Maid provides occasional bursts of much-needed energy."
Variety: Exit The King

"In the snappy production number "I'm No Communist," Ezra Buzzington demonstrates his wide-ranging talents, including a fine voice and a great tap-dancing technique. "
Capital Hill Times: The Earl Robinson Celebration- Seattle

"It takes a touch of genius to sum up Beckett, the gloomiest of modern playwrights, in a laugh. But Ezra Buzzington does just that in the first minute of Splinter Group's heartbreakingly funny Endgame. His laughter, after peering out the window at the desolated earth where he sees "zero, zero, and zero." expresses all the mournful exaltation that gives Beckett's relentlessly bleak masterpiece such cataclysmic sublimity."
Chicago Reader: Endgame - Chicago

"Buzzington absolutely shines in "It Isn't Enough" and other numbers."
Backstage West: The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd - Sacramento


















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